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Product Launch of Samsung Galaxy S6

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Yourzine (an adeptiv agency)
Samsung Electronics
Yourzine (an adeptiv agency) Samsung Electronics
Every year Samsung unveils its new flagship smartphone during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
The new product launch is key for showcasing the company's innovation and solidifying its leading position in the mobile market.

This year Samsung Electronics Europe was looking to leverage its new CRM system, operational in 13 countries, to support all pre- and post- launch activities for the Galaxy S6.

The challenge was to create a CRM program that would capitalize on the pre-launch buzz to identify interested consumers, keep them engaged, drive them to purchase and optimize their satisfaction in the post-purchase phase.

Expectations for the S6 CRM campaigns were high for all phases: pre-launch had to contribute to the overall sales targets while post-purchase had to generate brand loyalty and increase customer value.

To be relevant for every individual customer with different languages (16) and countries (13) had a big impact in terms of analysis, available content and production. Without having any visual till the Unpacked event we were able to send out the
campaign to over 10 million consumers at the day of Unpacked. The S6 CRM campaign proved to be highly successful for prospecting, engagement and advocacy and with that it earned a high position and deep respect in Samsung's overall marketing mix.