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Gracious Studios
Gracious Studios
Create the perfect happy moment in a e-mail.
The new customer anniversary newsletter needed to express the appreciation has for their (loyal) customers each year, wrapped in a story that describes a journey that and the customer have travelled trough together in the past years since the inception of the company till date.

The unique combination of all the latest e-mail techniques (CSS3, HTML5, Responsive, conditional content) combined with user data to personalize a newsletter in a innovative way makes this a one of a kind newsletter not seen anywhere else before. The newsletter tells a story of the time since the subscriber has been a customer with, what they have experienced together and what that tells them about their relationship together. Unlike most newsletters this campaign is not measured by conversion, sales or additional profit but by the increase of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and strengthening the bond between the customer and Told in the form of a diary or scrapbook the newsletters creates a sense of nostalgia that emphasizes the good times and the customer experienced together. A true happy moment is created which the subscriber will definitely remember for the rest of their customer lifecycle.