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DataDriven E-Mail-Campaign for

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Movable Ink
Movable Ink
By leveraging implicit, explicit and thirdparty data sources, they set about creating a campaign that was valuable, timely and relevant. is the world's number one hostel booking website, with over 27,000 properties encompassing campsites,self-catering, B&Bs and budget hotels from over 180 countries. Knowing that modern consumers have high expectations around receiving relevant content in their email, was keen to oblige.

By sending an email with valuable, timely and personally relevant elements, encouraged their users to keep the email in their inbox during their trip and return to it when they needed to book accommodation, rather than using an alternative website. This campaign has become one of the top booking generators for, and is now live
across 14 languages and is being replicated across their sister brands, and They also began incorporating more implicit, explicit and contextual third-party data across their email campaigns,