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Samsung Galaxy S7 launch campaign

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Yourzine (an adeptiv agency)
Samsung Electronics
Yourzine (an adeptiv agency) Samsung Electronics
Mehrstufige Kampagne zum Produktlaunch des Samsung Galaxy S7
Create a CRM-program that would capitalize on the pre-launch buzz to identify interested consumers, keep them engaged, drive them to purchase and
optimize their satisfaction in the post-purchase phase

It consisted of 3 phases and 9 broadcast moments that extended over a period of three months for pre-purchase, and 0-21 months for post-purchase.
All campaigns, from nurture program opt-in to customer satisfaction, were highly personalized. All audiences were also segmented based on predictive repurchase
data and consumer loyalty indicators. The campaign was simultaneously launched in 23 countries, 26 languages and was localized to meet the demands of each
3 campaign phases: Tease, Announce / Pre-Order and Inform / Buy Now. A flagship PLC was in place when someone bought the product
1 data capture form on which automatically triggered the campaign in Selligent
1 survey, for data enrichment which was used during the S7 launch campaign and any future campaigns
3 push notifications
6 segmented e-mails (111,655,414 e-mails sent across 26 countries)
On going enrichment through the campaign