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Ready, set, go: how KPN accelerates with interactive email

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Yourzine (an adeptiv agency)
KPN - Koninklijke PTT Nederland N.V.
Yourzine (an adeptiv agency) KPN - Koninklijke PTT Nederland N.V.
KPN have managed to significantly improve engagement and drive sales through a kinetic interactive scroll email which was focussed on F1 season start

KPN is the biggest telecommunications company of The Netherlands. One of the products KPN offers is Interactive Television. A couple days before the start of the new Formule 1 season KPN was aiming to drive traffic and ultimately orders of the pay television channel Ziggo Sports (official broadcaster Formule 1 in The Netherlands)

Together with strategic CRM partner Yourzine (an Adeptiv agency) an email was developed to accelerate on:
Awareness: Make recipients aware of the start of the Formule 1
Drive traffic to dedicated Formule 1 pages on
Orders of the Ziggo Sports channel based on a monthly fee

The e-mail guides KPN customers through the Formule 1 season with fun facts and season highlights (e.g. rain, fog and the Monaco harbor). The campaign resulted in mindblowing figures:

The Click to Open engagement have been doubled (from 11.31% to 22.17%). The target group was divided in to two versions to get proof whether or not kinetic improves engagement and orders. The kinetic version was tested against an email with similar content within a regular newsletter template.

In comparison to a control group there was an uplift in orders on Ziggo Sports. Pay channel Ziggo Sports is the official broadcaster in The Netherlands for Formule 1. (Figures can be requested through jury)

After the successful pilot the interactive scroll campaign was rolled out to the remaining part of the campaign selection. It have helped KPN in driving more awareness, improving engagement and finally Ziggo Sports orders. KPN have plans to make use of this campaign tactic in other campaigns as well, such as entertainment or football.

- URL 1 (Online version)
- URL 2 (Video)

A full campaign evaluation is available on jury request mid-april